Not your Mother’s XJ6!
Jaguar Journal March/April 1997

All Jaguars are not created equal. A case in point is our 1980 XJ6 which shaved 4.357 seconds from last year’s fastest XJ sedan slalom time, dropping it from 47.587 to 43.230. The low time does not appear in the Class F winning scores as the driver, Gary Hagopian, elected to drop that time so he might win Class G where he posted fastest time in his own XJS. However, First Place in Class F was won by our XJ6 with Bob Hebert turning 45.390 in his first attempt at slalom racing. It also scored third place with Karen Jones turning a 46.600.

While there are numerous reasons for the car’s exceptional performance, the most obvious is its factory option list, verified by a Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust record certificate. This Jaguar was sold in Holland, equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, 3.54:1 limited slip differential, European bumpers, fuel system and exhaust system, 9:1 compression and no A/C or sunroof. The car was totally rebuilt with careful attention paid to components affecting performance.

1996 XJR tires and rims, permitted by JCNA Rules, were installed. In the 1996 slalom results, this stock, 6-cylinder four-door sedan was faster than any other stock Jaguar including XJS and E-types. As a final triumph, it scored 99.76 in concours Class 13 and won the Northeast Regional Championship.

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